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We build hunting blinds that will likely be the last you will ever need.  Steel frame and exterior construction.  

Don't see quite what you are looking for here?  Have an idea for the "perfect" feeder.  Let us build it for you!

Our gravity / protein feeders are built with heavy duty materials and come in many sizes and options.  

We offer heavy duty, all-steel constructed broadcast feeders from 325lbs to 650lbs capacity.

As life-long hunters, we've seen and used most products on the market.  

A product that is of great quality and durability at a fair, affordable price is what we have in mind on each design.  Nobody likes having to run to the big box store and replace their equipment every year or two.  That expense really adds up and takes the fun out of our favorite hobby.

Take the stress and worry our of your pleasure time!   

Outfitters, improve your bottom line each year and don't be embarrassed when you drive up with a client to find equipment that has not stood up to the elements or feeder destroyers like cows and wild hogs.